How to Know If the Crack in your Basement Needs Repair

Not all cracks in your foundation are a sign of a major catastrophe and need immediate repair. It’s that time of year Crack Needs Foundation Crack Repairwhen the ground freezes, the ground defrosts, the water tables goes up and sometimes your concrete basement walls start to shift and crack as the ground around it expands and contracts.

If your concrete basement is relatively new, sometimes cracks occur during the curing process of the concrete. There are also many different types of cracks. All of which are not detrimental to the structural integrity of your concrete basement. As Mike Holmes advises “if a dime can fit into the crack, get it checked”. Learn more on . That said, a crack does not have to threaten structural integrity to be a problem. Cracks can grow, let in unwanted critters and create all kinds of difficulties.

Spot the Signs of Problematic Foundation Crack that Needs Repair

Identify the early signs of foundation crack problems. Early warning signs of a problematic basement crack that needs repair are:

  1. A door in your house starts to jams or no longer latches
  2. Cracks start to appear in walls, over doorways, windows, or at the joists where the wall meets the ceiling
  3. Crack appears in tiles that are over a concrete floor
  4. Windows that used to open and shut easily are now sticking or difficult to close

If these signs appear in your house it might be a good idea to call a concrete floor repair contractor to take a look and help properly assess the issue.

While a small crack may not necessarily be a problem at the time it appears, that can change as soon as the next heavy rain storm arrives. After a foundation crack forms, the prospect of water seepage (whether slight or major) is not a matter of “if it happens”, but a matter of “when it happens”. If water leakage from a foundation crack is Carbon minimal now, the potential exists for the crack to widen, allowing further seepage into the basement.

How to Repair a Crack in Your Foundation or Concrete Basement?

At RestoreAll Concrete we prefer to use polyurethane for crack repairs because we feel it is the best material to penetrate the concrete due to its flexibility. Our crack repair is guaranteed for life against leakage. Learn more about how crack injection works.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call for your free no obligation quote. We’ll check it out and let you know the best next steps.