Repairing Your Sinking Concrete Driveway

Well built concrete driveways are durable and long lasting, however, elements outside of anyone’s control can still cause a sinking driveway. When this happens there are a few ways a concrete contractor can go about fixing the issue, to get your driveway repaired in no time. 

Why Sinking Driveways Happen

Typically, sinking driveways occur as a result of the earth settling and compressing underneath where the driveway has been poured. This can occur due to normal temperature fluctuations throughout the year or may be caused by organic material in the soil underneath the foundation slowly decomposing and breaking down. Another common cause is poorly directed water run off causing soil to shift or be carried off entirely. In any case, a gap has been created where there is nothing left to support your driveway and so it begins to sink. 

Options For Repairing Concrete Driveway Sinkage

There are 3 primary ways concrete contractors will correct a sinking driveway:


Mudjacking may also be referred to as “slabjacking”. It is one of the most common methods for repairing a sinking driveway. It is highly effective and can provide long-lasting results. The first step is to drill a few small holes in the concrete slabs where the sinking is occuring. Once this is done, a cement slurry is pumped through the holes. This mixture fills voids or empty areas in the soil, which works to stabilize the slab foundation.

Mudjacking works great for sinking driveways especially if they are caught early. It not only lifts the sinking area but will also reinforce the concrete so it will last for years to come. 

Polyurethane Injections

Polyurethane Injections are a common method for fixing all sorts of concrete repair issues. When it is used to repair a sinking slab of concrete, it may also be referred to as “foamjacking”. This is because it utilizes a very similar delivery method. Small holes are drilled into the concrete where it is sinking and polyurethane is then injected into these holes with an injection gun to lift and stabilize the sinking driveway.

Unlike mudjacking, the polyurethane will expand after it is injected into the space under your driveway to fill the space available. This makes it a bit more reliable and easier to manage repair than mudjacking alone because it is easier to control the amount of lift needed to level the sinking section.


If your driveway is cracked or crumbling, or if the issue is foundational and not simply caused by shifting earth, repair may not be as worthwhile as simply replacing the whole driveway. This is one reason it is important to identify potential cracks and sinks in your concrete driveway as early as possible and contact a concrete contractor to take a look. By the time it becomes apparent, it may be too late. 

RestoreAll is Here to Help

Sinking concrete driveways are common and often inevitable over time. There are various resources for fixing concrete driveways and multiple variables to consider before attempting this fix yourself. Home repair kits don’t often use professional materials and tend to fail after a few years. This can cost you more money down the road, rather than having the problem fixed professionally the first time. RestoreAll concrete contractors have many years of experience and will ensure your project is completed professionally, and with the highest degree of quality. Whether you’re looking to repair your sinking driveway or add a porch, patio, pool, or precast steps to your backyard, Elite Concrete can help you create the oasis you deserve. Contact us today to talk about your next project.