Concrete Coatings & Treatments

Decorative garage floor finishes & garage floor repair

We offer various types of plain to decorative garage floor finishes. We understand that today many people use their garage space for more than just parking their cars and motor bikes, but as workshops and living spaces. Elite Concrete can supply you with a garage floor that will be enjoyed for many years to come and will transform your garage space.

Decorative Concrete

This option allows you to customize a truly original floor. It's perfect for making colourful creations to enhance the interior of both residential and commercial buildings. The best part of decorative concrete is that it can fit into any budget.

Concrete Overlays

Overlay concrete is a cost-effective option that goes right over your existing concrete flooring. It can be poured to any desired thickness, from paper-thin to a couple inches thick. This concrete covers any imperfections of your current floor, and is resistant to wear and tear from winter salt, and to the harsh UV rays.

Epoxy Coatings

A great coating option for your concrete floor. These coatings come in a wide selection of colours that will make your floor one-of-a-kind! Epoxy coatings create sustainable flooring by sealing it, making the floor resistant to other chemicals.  This option is incredibly durable, and provides cosmetic value.

Polyaspartic Concrete

Polyaspartic concrete is a very durable concrete that is resistant to discolouring from UV rays, and has a high level of abrasion resistance. This flooring is a cost-effective option that will get you up and running within 36 hours as opposed to the usual 7 days with other concrete options.

Garage Concrete Coatings

This finish give your concrete floor the look of granite without the price. A great option to modernize any space where granite is needed. Colours can be mixed to compliment any space and design concept. These surfaces are easy to clean, and provide an inexpensive alternative to real stone. While mostly used for garage floors, it can be used in any space.

Acid Concrete Stain

Acid stains provide a modern decorative floor that will give you a truly unique floor. Allowing you to combine colours give you the canvas to create beautiful pieces of art with your floor. No two floors will ever be the same, and will sure to be a conversation starter in any space.

Eco Concrete Stain

These stains are economically friendly and are water-based that are made with no dyes, and no acids. Much like acid stains, these stains come in many different colours and will create on-of-a-kind floors that will be admired by all.

We only use professional grade 111 epoxy sealers and Polyaspartic, as well as Aliphatic polyurethane sealers for tough durable, chemical resistant finishes.

Check out this video on the concrete coating options available.

Stained Concrete

Numerous colours and design options can be incorporated into a decorative concrete stained floor finish. We work with both opaque and translucent colour stains such as acid stains (acid etching) and Eco- Stains, which are non-corrosive yet the stain has similar appearance as acid stain but non-toxic. There are also concrete dyes, which produce concrete floors with deep rich translucent colouring effects.


stained concreteThe key to a successful concrete staining job is the preparation of the concrete surface. We begin the concrete staining process with grinding the top surface of the concrete slab to ensure the decorative concrete stain we apply will penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete surface for a permanent colouring adhesion without lifting or flaking. After a thorough clean up we apply the clients chosen colour(s) with a pre-determined staining techniques to achieve the certain texture, colours, and desired look. The final phase of the project is to clean and apply the sealer on the freshly stained concrete floor to both protect and expose the true colour tones from the concrete staining process.


Check out this great video with thoughts on how to choose a decorative concrete solution that's right for your basement, garage floor or other room of your house. 

Before & After Pictures

Waterproof Flooring Before

Waterproof Flooring Before

Waterproof Flooring After

Waterproof Flooring After

StainedConcrete Flooring Before

Stained Flooring Before

Stained Concrete Flooring After

Stained Flooring After

Epoxy Flooring Before

Epoxy Flooring Before

Epoxy Flooring After

Epoxy Flooring After